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My tips on looking your thinnest in photos.

After last weeks post on looking good in photos I had a wave of emails asking for my tips on looking thin. Then, while we were in North Carolina Mandi voiced the same concerns. I told her I was planning to do a post on all of my acquired knowledge and she offered her services as my model. She has a gorgeous figure but was claiming her natural awkwardness in posing for photos would be an exceptional example of a “before”. I’ve said it before (twice at least) but it’s important so, I’ll say it again: Photos are a flattened version of a 3 dimensional object. They don’t always do you justice. In the meantime, there are things you can...

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You look exhausted! Are you sick? I bet you could use a good nights rest! Such flattering questions slash statements are almost surely inspired by one doggone thing: Baggy, saggy, droopy, poopy, dark under eyes. And those same bags inspire this question that I receive maybe every single day of my life: How do I fix mine? It’s time I address that. First things first. We’d like to avoid having them at all. The way to do that is: gulping some major aqua getting your beauty sleep taking your vitamins being born that way I am aware that some (if not all) of the things on that list cannot always be attained, especially with babies around. I am also aware that...

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