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The bigger the better.

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First things first. My disclaimer: I hear women concerned about having eyes that are “far too small” all the time. I don’t know who or where the idea came from that certain things on your face should be big and others should be small. Who makes these decisions? Some people have big eyes and others have smaller eyes. Some have big lips others do not. All it takes is one season of Beverly Hills Housewives to realized that some faces just look better with small lips! There is not one right answer for everyone here… but…if you want to play up your eyes and make them look GIGANTIC once in a while, I totally support you in that. So here’s how you do it: 1. HAC your eyes. Yep, Highlighting and contouring isn’t just for your cheekbones, it works on your peepers as well. Using Mac Charcoal Brown and a fluffy brush (I;m obsessed with this little kit) I shaded in a high crease right beneath my brow bone and draw it out beyond the end of my eyes. My actual crease is actually much closer to my lash line so when I draw it up and out it created the effect […]

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