Worlds coolest curls

The. Coolest. Curling Technique. Ever. Do I ramble in this video? Yeah, I do. Don’t judge. I have a serious condition where my brain completely passes out and the rest of me is still AWAKE ….standing there…looking like a deer in headlights. There are at least 3 occasions when this happens: 1. When I am introducing someone. I don’t care if I have known you since I was a fetus. My brain will go completely blank. I have introduction anxiety in the worst way. I completely forget everything I know. Seriously though, I KNOW YOUR NAME. 2. When someone asks me a question I know I am supposed to lie about (i.e. Does yellow look good on me? Should I have written that on my Facebook status? Do you know how fast you were going?)  I can’t lie. I can’t hurt feelings. Instead, I will ramble incoherently. 3. When I get in front of the camera. I really do have a point. It just takes twice the time to get there when even simple one syllable words escape my brain…lucky for you guys I cut out most babbling in this video.

A major hair favorite

When I first posted this I told Nick I wished someone would pin it on Pinterest because it’s a really cool technique and I thought pinning your own stuff might be inappropriate or something. Nick thought that was silly and said “pin it yourself!” So I quickly pinned it and then went to bed soon after. The next day my phone was dead all day and I was out and about with Christian, when I finally got home I plugged it in and my phone was going nuts with notifications and emails. When I loaded my site I had gotten over 150 thousand hits on the blog since the night before when I was used to getting maybe 500 on a good day, it was such an exciting day and it’s still one of my very favorite posts and probably my very favorite hairstyles (when I have the time!) Ok so after I saw the VS fashion show this year, of course, I started stalking youtube for BACKSTAGE clips. I saw that they used this technique on the models hair and I tried and LOVED it. Then… whilst searching for some inspiration I ran across a photo of Miss Marisa […]

HAC yourself Flawless!

I cannot tell you how much I love this technique! Highlighting and Contouring (AKA HAC-ing) is the most miraculous thing about makeup. This is the magic that makes celebrity skin and face look flawless.   With no plastic surgery her nose looks MUCH smaller, her face looks more chiseled and her cheekbones look much higher.   Now, she is obviously A LOT tanner but aside from that, notice her nose, cheeks, and basic structure of her face… A lot of people are afraid of it but the ONE thing that should possibly scare you about HAC-ing is that you will get addicted! In this before and after below the only difference is HAC Notice how much straighter my nose looks? I never realized how crooked it is! You guys are going to love it. You don’t HAVE to HAC every day….Just promise me you’ll try it at least once! I used: theBalm Bahama Mama Bronzer Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Fresh Pink Clinique Even Better Concealer Smashbox Artificial Light Luminizing in Diffuse I tried to find a brush set that would be as similar as possible: SEPHORA COLLECTION Rose Gold Mineral Brush Set

Angelina Jolie Look Using ALL Drugstore Makeup!

I am totally diggin’ Angelina Jolie’s Makeup in this photo. Its pretty, fresh looking and such a universal look that would look lovely on just about anyone! Here is my very best recreation… in which I blatantly lie about my eye color. (My mom took this of me standing in front of a bath towel and if you saw the way she looks at my camera like it’s from an alien planet you would be pretty impressed that we got a photo at all!) The BEST part of this look is that every ounce of makeup you see on my face I bought at Wal-Mart for about $50 bucks. The WORST part of this look is all of those pesky paparazzi that will be after you since they think you are Angelina Jolie. So annoying. Hope you love it! I also wanted to thank EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU who commented on my last post! I don’t think you know how much your words meant to me and how grateful I am to have such good friends in my corner! List of products: Maybelline Dream Liguid Mousse in Nude light 4 Elf Eyshadow in Pebble Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Fresh Pink 5 Rimmel […]

Another Victoria’s Secret

Ok so after I saw the VS fashion show this year, of course, I started stalking youtube for BACKSTAGE clips. I saw that they used this technique on the models hair and I tried and LOVED it. Then… whilst searching for some hot inspiration I ran across a photo of Miss Marisa Miller. Her hair looks incredible. After some experimenting I realized the same technique was used to create her look. I am telling you I am obsessed with this hair right now! The volume is unreal. I am not super excited about being in a photo next to her gorgeousness so..please be kind and focus on the hair… I offer you this tutorial as an apology for my absentness lately. I hope you will accept the gesture…