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Worlds coolest curls

The. Coolest. Curling Technique. Ever. Do I ramble in this video? Yeah, I do. Don’t judge. I have a serious condition where my brain completely passes out and the rest of me is still AWAKE ….standing there…looking like a deer in headlights. There are at least 3 occasions when this happens: 1. When I am introducing someone. I don’t care if I have known you since I was a fetus. My brain will go completely blank. I have introduction anxiety in the worst way. I completely forget everything I know. Seriously though, I KNOW YOUR NAME. 2. When someone asks me a question I know I am supposed to lie about (i.e. Does yellow look good on me? Should I have...

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A major hair favorite

When I first posted this I told Nick I wished someone would pin it on Pinterest because it’s a really cool technique and I thought pinning your own stuff might be inappropriate or something. Nick thought that was silly and said “pin it yourself!” So I quickly pinned it and then went to bed soon after. The next day my phone was dead all day and I was out and about with Christian, when I finally got home I plugged it in and my phone was going nuts with notifications and emails. When I loaded my site I had gotten over 150 thousand hits on the blog since the night before when I was used to getting maybe 500 on...

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Another Victoria’s Secret

Ok so after I saw the VS fashion show this year, of course, I started stalking youtube for BACKSTAGE clips. I saw that they used this technique on the models hair and I tried and LOVED it. Then… whilst searching for some hot inspiration I ran across a photo of Miss Marisa Miller. Her hair looks incredible. After some experimenting I realized the same technique was used to create her look. I am telling you I am obsessed with this hair right now! The volume is unreal. I am not super excited about being in a photo next to her gorgeousness so..please be kind and focus on the hair… I offer you this tutorial as an apology for my absentness...

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