The Beauty Capsule

I cannot tell you how excited I am to unleash my newest favorite thing in the whole wide makeup lovin’ world! Let me start at it’s birthplace… As a beauty blogger of sorts you get sent a massive amount of products to try. When this first began I was thrilled beyond belief! YAY MORE! As the products started piling up and piling up I kept trying to find new ways to organize them. Attempt after attempt was made to no avail. I just couldn’t put all of the makeup in a place where I could conceivable use it when I needed it. So I started making stacks. Stacks everywhere. They gave me anxiety and made my makeup session %50 finding things and %50 using things. One day a few weeks after I had Billy (whilst still driven by hormones..) I said ENOUGH. No human being needs all of this. It can’t be organized in a reasonable way because it isn’t a reasonable amount. So I went through all of it and only kept the things I loved the VERY most and used the most often, the rest I gave away to good homes. Since then I have loved my makeup so much […]

Beginners Start Here.

When it comes to something like makeup it can be easy to get overwhelmed. You miss a few months of magazines and all of the sudden everyone you know is obsessed with DD cream you end up having this conversation: “what’s DD cream!?” “it’s like CC cream only better!” “Wait, what’s CC cream!?” “More or less the same thing as BB cream only with color corrector.” At which point you’d like to ask what BB cream is but you can tell by her tone she’s getting all judgy. So you nod and decide that you don’t even care about these new alphabetical makeup creations anyway. You’re perfectly happy with what you’ve been using since high school….sort of. I know it happens. I’m a dang’ed beauty blogger and I can’t stay on top of the new trends half the time. That’s why I wanted to do a series for those of you that are starting from SCRATCH. If you’re weathering the makeup world for the first time, or coming back after an extended vacation and you need somewhere to start but you don’t want to spend a fortune, this post is for you. I present to you a starter kit of good […]


You look exhausted! Are you sick? I bet you could use a good nights rest! Such flattering questions slash statements are almost surely inspired by one doggone thing: Baggy, saggy, droopy, poopy, dark under eyes. And those same bags inspire this question that I receive maybe every single day of my life: How do I fix mine? It’s time I address that. First things first. We’d like to avoid having them at all. The way to do that is: gulping some major aqua getting your beauty sleep taking your vitamins being born that way I am aware that some (if not all) of the things on that list cannot always be attained, especially with babies around. I am also aware that (due to genetics) some of us (yes I said us, as in me too) could sleep for the rest of 2013 with an IV pumping fluids and vitamins into our veins and still be baggin’ In that case we move to damage control: Get yourself a de-puffer: It took me a looong time to finally try this. I don’t know why, it just seemed gimmicky or something. Finally, my SIL said it was her saving grace, which sealed the deal (she has the best recommendations) […]

The science of brushes.

I don’t talk about brushes a whole ton and I will tell you why. It’s not because they aren’t important. It’s because I honestly don’t think about them very often. I generally buy a set of brushes and then grab nearest brush that looks appropriate for the job at hand. Nothing special, except that… I remembered something the other day when I was talking to an internet guy on the phone (to try and get my site faster) He was speaking in what sounded like plain gibberish to me but acting like it I was a total bozo for not understanding him. This is something I like to call “too far down the tunnel to relate” It’s when you’re “into” something so deep that you forget the difference between common knowledge and specialty knowledge. Like when I say something in golf lingo to Nick and I am sitting there all kinds of proud of myself for remembering and he doesn’t even notice, cause he thought every girl knew what “hitting the ball on the dance floor” means!  Well, of course they don’t! (right?) Anyway, I know that my (sometimes obsessive) love for things of the cosmetic persuasion can lead me down that […]