Pet Heating Pad Mat with 27.5 Inches Chew Resistant Cord

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Houselog Pet Heating Pad Electric Heated Pet Blanket Mat for Dogs Cats Large Adjustable Pet Warming Mat 19.7x13.7 Inches with 12V Low Voltage and 27.5 Inches Chew Resistant Steel Cord

Rated Adapter Voltage: AC100-240V 50-60Hz.
Heating Film: 12V 2A
Material of Pet Heating Mat: Waterproof fabric with PVC liner, flannelette bag and sponge
Product Size: 50*35*2.5CM (19.7*13.7*0.98in)
Net Weight: 0.83kg / 1.83lbs
The Length of Chew Resistant Steel Cord: 70CM (27.5in)
Color of Cloth Cover : grey and brown

Using Description
1.Open the package, flat out the heated pet bed on the floor, insert the adapter directly into the socket and turn on the startup key;
2.Short press the on/off key after turning on the startup key, the indicator light is red, and the temperature of the pet heated blanket is high;then short press the on/off key, the indicator light is blue, the temperature of the pet pad is medium;short press the key again, the indicator light is green, the temperature of the pet heated pad is low.Then it will be turned off after short pressing the on/off key.
3.Disconnect the adapter from the socket to avoid biting by the pet after completing the working mode.

Washing and Care
1.Remove the cloth cover and wash it by hand or machine or dry clean it. The liner shall be scrubbed with a piece of damp cloth or dry cloth. Do not rub or tighten the liner with force, and do not dry clean or iron it;
2.Please store it in a cool and dry place.

Warning and Safety Precaution
1.Do not store the pet electric heating pad in the vacuum environment;
2.Please prevent the pet from biting the power cord, cloth cover, liner or plug;
3.Please use the pet pad in the dry place;
4.Do not contact the plug to any liquid;

Package List:
1 x Pet Heating Pad
2 x Cloth Cover
1 x Power Adapter
1 x User Manual

  • Three Level of Temperature Control - The controllable heating temperature chip is equipped on the controllable switch of the heated pet mat to regulate the temperature by one-button of high, medium and low tap.High level:45-50℃ (113-122℉),medium level:40-45℃ (104-113℉),low level:35-40℃ (95-104℉)
  • Large Size & Two Detachable Cloth Cover - The dimension of the pet heating pad is 50*35*2.5CM (19.7*13.7*0.98in) It is suitable for dogs,cats,rabbits and other pets.The heated pet bed is provided with two cold-proof flannelette bags to make them easy to unpick, wash and replace.Colour:grey and brown
  • Hight Safety Class - DC voltage is converted into 12V low voltage after being transformed by the adapter,which heated the pet heating pad by the principle of the silica gel heating wire,the design is DC low voltage to make it safe,reliable and safe guard against electric shock
  • Chew Resistant Cord & PVC Waterproof Scratch-proof Liner - 27.5 Inches chew resistant cord, no worry about dogs/kitties chewing or clawing through it,safe guard against electric shock.The built-in PVC waterproof liner is provided to the pet heating mat,which can quickly solve the cleaning problem after pet’s urination
  • Pet Heating Pad for Dogs and Cats - Suitable for senior pets,arthritic pets,new born pets,pregnant pets and ill pets,the pet electric heating pad can be placed in your existing pet's bed or just let your pet lay on it directly.Perfect for dog houses,porches,garage floors,barns,or even the living room