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Product Details

Brand: MCBON

Color: Pink


  • 1. Creative shapes designed for bedroom bedside tables and desks, suitable for narrow spaces, school dormitories, car transportation, hotels, where you can get better air no matter where you are.
  • 2. This humidifier operates with sound less than 36dB, so it will humidify quietly without disturbing your study, work or sleep without being affected by those pesky noises.
  • 3. Humidify the air in the room in summer and winter, you will no longer suffer from dry skin, and all the moisture in the air will make your breathing better. If you suffer from dry skin, I would say this is the product for you! It makes a huge difference in preventing your nose and eyes from getting too dry.
  • 4. Lightweight and slender, can be easily replenished by picking it up with one hand. Provides ideal coverage for bedrooms, offices and other medium-sized rooms.
  • 5. Suitable for bedroom, study, office, living room, bathroom, yoga, SPA, meeting room, baby room, etc. It is ideal for travel humidifiers, desks, bedrooms and offices. It can be carried with you and is convenient to carry around. It is very suitable as a gift for family and friends.

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