Armpit Sweat Pads Fight Hyperhidrosis With Underarm Sweat Pads

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Color:60pcs Sweat


Nope- there are NO harmful chemicals in our pads at all! This enables you to get the performance you need without having to rely on harmful, more clinically prepared antiperspirants.


iAbler shields apply directly to the underarm inseam of your shirt or blouse (just peel and stick). They are simple to apply (see our pic to the left), and can be placed either horizontally or vertically due to our creative and unique shape. User tip: if you are wearing a silk blend or super thin shirt or blouse, we recommend applying the shields to a tight fitting t-shirt or cami underneath your top. This will improve adherence and will also make the shields invisible.

1.The shields are constructed of a soft, yet absorbent fabric that has a unique protective film barrier. This combination literally traps perspiration- keeping it within the core of the pad and away from you.
2.iAbler are designed for long sleeve shirts however they work great with sleeveless if you cut the shield along the cut line and place horizontally.
3.Each set is individually wrapped in discreet, sanatary packages. So, you can literally throw them in your briefcase, purse, pocket, or whatever works for you.
4. iAbler are single-use pads. This is the best way to ensure that you and your clothes remain dry and fresh!

  • STOP SWEAT SHOWTHROUGH AND ELIMINATE ODOR --- Maintain your favorite clothes underarm area stain-free, Good absorption performance: these underarm shields are effective odor stopper, also can be applied for absorbing sweat and stopping wet through, prevent you from embarrassment
  • WITH STRONG ADHESIVE --- provides secure placement to most fabrics including silk. (No Slipping Or Sliding) BUT DO NOT Leave Any Residue Behind!
  • SAFE MATERIAL --- sweat pads are made of FDA proved non-woven fabric (top layer) and airlaid paper (back layer), easy to stick and peel off, no pins or straps are needed
  • SUITABLE FOR BOTH YOUNG AND OLD --- suitable for most skin types, fit for both men, women and children uses, keep your clothes underarm area stain-free, disposable, no washing necessary
  • GREAT PRODUCT FOR OUTDOOR USE AND TRAVELLING --- each pad is coming with an individual package, healthy and safe, easy to carry with. no more avoiding public exercise, rapid movements, worrying about lifting those is time to get busy!