XES3GO Wine Decanter, 100% Lead-Free Hand Blown Crystal Glass, Red Wine Carafe, Wine Aerator with Wide Base,Wine Accessories,Wine Gift, Red Wine Carafe(1200ML)

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  • 100% LEAD-FREE CRYSTAL - Our red wine decanter is made of 100% lead-free crystal glass, transparent and crystal clear. It would be a great artwork in your room with the elegant design.The crystal carafe provide a smooth surface that you can pour out every bit of wine and wash easily. Just enjoy yourself.
  • BRING OUT THE RICHEST AROMA AND TASTE - XES3GO red wine decanter is perfectly engineered for a standard 750ML bottle. The wine can reach the widest surface at 750ML for maximum aeration. Further more, to increase the air flow for oxygenating our decanter is designed with wider funnel and flue. Also, that's why it's easier for drying.
  • EASY POUR AND ANTI-SPILLS - Considering the situation during daily use, our decanter is designed with a slanted top so as to avoid spills and drips and easier for pouring. The narrow neck would make it easier to grip. Though the bottle is lightweight but equipped with wide and thick base. Stand strong and solid.
  • DECANT WINE LIKE A MASTER - Feel like a wine expert every time you use this amazing wine decanter. The wine was proved to be much smoother and richer after thousands test by our expert team. Impress your friends with the best aroma and taste.
  • MAKES THE PERFECT GIFT - Modern and elegant design, beautifully packaged, make it the perfect gift idea of wine accessories for wine lovers,honey, dad, mom and friends. Nice for Christmas, wedding or birthday. You can also search XES3GO wine glass for a gift set.

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Let XES3GO bring out the luscious flavor of your favorite wine! Your tongue will surely know the difference once you let our product bring you wine that tastes a lot smoother and smells even more appetizing.

In the tradition of decanting wine in high quality wine services, decanters have become a staple among wine enthusiasts. And who wouldn't be hooked to this delicious legacy of wine decanting? The rich aroma released in the process of wine aeration is enough to fill your senses. Decanted wine tastes more sumptuous since the tannin, or the naturally occurring element that contributes to the bitterness and astringency of wines, is tastefully smoothened with the use of decanters.

Staying true to its name - which is derived from the Italian words bella (beautiful) and vino (wine) - XES3GO merges elegance and delicious wine. Our decanter is stylishly designed with a wide bottom to effectively soften tannins and improve taste, providing maximum aeration to bring out wine's sweet aroma and refreshing flavor.

This easy-to-use wine aerator comes with helpful package instructions that will guide you on the decanting process. Sturdy and lightweight for easy handling, its beautiful spill-proof design leaves no worry for any accidental mess, so you can concentrate on pouring and drinking wine to your heart's content.

This wine carafe also doubles as a useful table centerpiece and can be an attractive accessory during parties and intimate dinners. You can come up with excellent birthday and anniversary gift ideas by giving this decanter as a lovely gift or completing the decanter set with red wine and white wine to create gift baskets.

Este decantador de vino de cristal XES3GO es el mejor accesorio para llevar a cabo el rico aroma y el sabor delicioso de su vino favorito. Su lengua sabrá la diferencia porque su vino decantado tendrá un sabor más suave y más apetecible olor después de usar este producto.

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