Bosoncala Rechargeable Batteries AA 2600mWh AA Recharge Battery with USB Charger, 4-in-1 USB Type C Charging Cable, 1.5V Lithium Ion AA Battery Over 1200 Cycles, Storage Cases, Pack of 4

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About this item

  • 【1200 Times Recycle For Long Time Use】- Bosoncala AA rechargeable battery has excellent grade A+ cell for long time use, more than 1200 times recycle full charge-discharge cycles, long-lasting durability and low self-consumption. AA lithium recharge batteries are environmentally friendly and save money than normal batteries.
  • 【4 Packs Rechargeable Lithium AA Batteries of High Capacity】- With large capacity 2600mWh, Bosoncala AA rechargeable batteries can last at least 20% longer time than any other AA batteries, Lithium Batteries are rechargeable and reusable. All Bosoncala rechargeable batteries have been charged before packing, ready to be used once received. While suggest fully charging them before first use for best performance.
  • 【Constant 1.5V Output】- Bosoncala  4 packs Lithium rechargeable batteries, embedded with innovative technology, providing constant 1.5 voltage output even in heavy load until the whole cell is depleted, which will not affect your devices work and be harm to devices. Ideal for digital cameras, game controllers, wireless mouse, toy guns, portable telephone, flashlight, door lock and more for high current applications. To be your useful house life partner!
  • 【1.5H Quick Charging AA Rechargeable Batteries】- Bosoncala rechargeable lithium aa batteries with 4-in-1 USB Type C charging cable for fully charge in around 1.5 hours. You can charge 4 packs lithium aa batteries at the same time. LED Indicator: While Charging (Red Light Blink). Charging Completed (Red Lighting On). Low self-discharge technology make the battery maintain a high capacity state for a long time even without using , multi-protection to make the battery 100% safe assured.
  • 【WHAT YOU GET】- Bosoncala 1.5V 2600mWh AA Rechargeable Battery x 4, Type C USB charging cable x 1, 1 x Durable Transparent Plastic Battery Storage Cases x 1, User Manual x 1. Note: Please charge fully before use, as we only charge the batteries to 20% for shipping safety purpose. Batteries will reach top performance after 3-5 times fully charge cycles.

Bosoncala Li-ion High Capacity AA Rechargeable Batteries with 1 in 4 Type C USB Charging Cable (Pack of 4)


  • Stablized Voltage: Continuously outputting power will not causing any hurts for devices.
  • Save Money: Bosoncala rechargeable aa batteries 4 pack also can save you money, need'nt buy a huge number of one-time used batteries or alkaline batteries.
  • Widely Used: Bosoncala AA batteries are widely used in household devices like digital cameras, toys, remote controls, hand held games, flashlights, alarm-clock, wireless mouse , shavers and other devices that need aa battery
  • Pre-charged: You can use it directly when this 4 aa rechargeable batteries arrived. Charge it with Type C USB Charging Cable if your batteries is running out.
  • Important Safety Information:


1) When inserting batteries into your device, please take care to match the right polarities (+ and - ends) marked on the battery to the device;

2) Batteries which are incorrectly inserted into devices may be short-circuited.

3) Please avoid mixing used with new batteries, or batteries of different brands. When replacing batteries in a device, replace them all because different levels of discharge & voltage could lead to venting / leakage.

4) Please follow local requirements to recycle electronic appliances and batteries.

Brand: Bosoncala

Date of first use: July 24, 2020
Ship to: United States