Bosoncala Rechargeable Batteries AA 2600mWh AA Recharge Battery with USB Charger, 4-in-1 USB Type C Charging Cable, 1.5V Lithium Ion AA Battery Over 1200 Cycles, Storage Cases, Pack of 4

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  • EXPAND YOUR SOUND: Our patented WaveBloom audio expansion technology delivers crisp, high quality audio for the best listening experience you can fit in a backpack.  revolutionary design enhances bass resonance, volume and overall frequency - so you can go bigger, fuller and louder.
  • 2 IS BETTER THAN 1 [LITERALLY]: Real stereo is all but lost in the world of mobile speakers. Pair 2 Una X's via Stereo Sync and spread L/R channels for expansive true stereo, boosting amplitude and audio immersion.
  • BEHIND THE UNA X: 16 hours of playtime, 20W output, Bluetooth 4.2 - 100ft range, Built-in Microphone, Dual Audio Bluetooth compatible, Pair with any BT enabled source (including iPhone & Android devices).
  • YOUR ULTIMATE SOUND COMPANION: Una X's Omnidirectional power means you experience radiating sound from the entire speaker, not just one side. Ultra-portable, Water resistant & Serious boom - so you can provide the sound to life's party, wherever you go.
  • UNITED WE EXPAND: At Bosoncala. we believe your audio experience should create memories, not headaches. LOVE your Bosoncala Audio device more than we love engineering them or you'll get 100% of your money back.

Brand: Bosoncala

Date of first use: July 24, 2020
Ship to: United States