SONDERY Clip Chromatic Tuner for Guitar Bass Ukulele - Sondery Tuner Easy to Tune with One Button Operation for All String Instruments

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Shipping to: United States
Date First Available: November 19, 2020


Color: Blue


  • Vast Use - The tuner is programmed as Chromatic tuning, which is good for all the instuments.
  • Clever Design - Thanks to the clip, even a small size, the tuner can be used for string instruments like guitars, ukuleles, violins, basses, etc..
  • Easy to Tune - Two colors screen lights. Green when the string is in tune, white when string is flat or sharp. Meters point to left when flat, to right when sharp, and stay in the center when in tune.
  • Protect Instrument - The silicone pad, which contact your instruments, is dull to react with your instrument surface painting. Leave the tuner on the instrument and store. Convenient to use any time when needed.
  • Battery Lasts - A simple CR2032 coin battery required, which lasts long thanks to the low power consumption technology. Easy to get such a battery at any super store.

Product description

Frustrated with strings of your instruments not in tune when you start to play? Sondery brand tuner uses up to date technology designed a simple easy tuning tuner. Just a clip on your instrument and press the button, then you are good to tune your instrument any where any time.