Crampon Micro Spikes ice Snow Grips Traction Cleats System

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Uelfbaby Walkers are made from a proprietary Thermo Plastic Elastomer or TPE that we routinely test to over 300% elasticity.
The product should be fitted around the toe area of the footwear in no question and grasping just in front of the rear cleat, stretch the product toward the heel and position the heel straps on the heel cup of the shoe or boot above where the outsole meets the upper while positioning the rear cleat near the center of the heel of the footwear.
Some users will find an easier time fitting the product when not wearing the shoe or boot onto which uelfbaby are to be mounted.

Quick accessible traction for workers on the move
Keep a pair on hand and Do not let winter catch you off guard.
With Aggressive cleats and tread, Uelfbaby walker ice cleats provide unbeatable grip.
The lite walker Rolls up nicely and is small enough to be carried in a purse or workbag.
Ideal for city workers, postal carriers, delivery workers, and anyone that spends their days outside on their feet.
The non-replaceable multi-directional steel cleats bite into ice and snow allowing you to stride naturally Through winter's worst conditions.
Made from the same elastomer as the Uelfbaby sport ice cleats, the lite walker is Easy to pull on and take off, while securely fitting both shoes and boots.

Full foot slip protection with heel and forefoot cleats maintains traction throughout your natural stride while walking. Lightweight TPE Elastomer holds Uelfbaby walker securely in place.
Traction tread outsole and cleats simultaneously contact walking surface, Providing superior grip on ice, snow, and pavement. Multi-directional, heat-treated steel plates bite into ice and snow.


  • Application scenarios:hiking angled terrain, icy roads, ice driveway, dangerous sections of trail (ice covered boulders, woods ice mud, etc.)Great for winter trail running, hiking, and ice fishing
  • Safty use: Rubber widen and more resilient, Welding chain stronger, with more robust spikes. surprisingly secure and stable, bite aggressively and stay in place on all inclines. spikes are positioned and a wide margin, while bend foot there is still traction in the front, but also comfortable and give a real feeling of security, always have very sure footing, the best bet for avoiding injury
  • For group: highly recommended for anyone who walks outside in the winter -- they will definitely save you from a painful coccyx injury, or worse. suitable for both male and female of any age of teenagers, adult, elders.Design stronger grip and can prevent move side-to-side, keep you safe
  • SIZE and GUARANTEE: SIZE and GUARANTEE: Microspikes crampons have 3 size, please refer to the size chart in the picture. Elastomer harness easily stretches to fit most footwear. If they don't fit, we will honor a return with full refund or exchange. Please feel free to email us directly, we will solve all your doubt at the very first time.
  • Easy putting on and taking-off: We used a slightly advanced rubber that makes it easier to put on and remove, and there is a tab that you can pull on. and the rubber doesn't slip. The rubber goes over top of the shoes, not just around the edge.Lightweight TPE Elastomer rolls up nicely and is small enough to be carried in a purse or work-bag.