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Date First Available : September 9, 2020



Color: Blue Stripe


  • ♣ Effectively help: prevent pets from licking wounds, skin conditions, hot spots, allergies and infection.
  • ♣ High-elastic fabric: 95%cotton 5%Spandex, four-way stretch fabric, hand washable and not easily deformed.
  • ♣ Design of a row of buttons: fit the skin better, and some buttons can be unbuttoned to adjust the size of the clothes.
  • ♣ Substitute E-collar&cone: pets can eat freely and won’t be annoyed.
  • ♣ Our style covers most types and pets of all sizes, and the small size is suitable for cats, rabbits, hamsters, baboons and other pets.

Details: Does your dog like to wear medical collar&cone?

               Will he/she become irritated?

Please choose our recovery suit,recommended by thousands of pet owners, veterinarians, animal physiotherapists,dog groomers and breeders worldwide. Effectively protect pets from wound healing and recovery after sterilization, so that pets are not harmed by themselves or harmed by others. Your dog can move and eat freely after wearing it. After shaving, your dog needs pretty and comfortable clothes to keep warm. It can be worn every day and in summer. Prevent harassment during the physiological period and help senior dogs or puppy with excitement or urination incontinence. It can also keep pets away from the pollution of germs and odors.

Size selection: Please select the size according to the length of the body and chest .

Size Chart:


  • S:Length: Approx.11"/29cm; Chest Circumference: 13-16"; Recommended weight: 4-8 lb
  • M:Length: Approx.13"/33cm; Chest Circumference: 14-18"; Recommended weight: 7-13 lb
  • L:Length: Approx.16"/41cm; Chest Circumference: 18-23"; Recommended weight: 13-24 lb
  • XL:Length: Approx.19"/48cm; Chest Circumference: 23-28"; Recommended weight: 24-40 lb
  • XXL:Length: Approx.22"/56cm; Chest Circumference: 27-35"; Recommended weight: 40-60 lb
  • XXXL:Length: Approx.25"/63cm; Chest Circumference: 29-37"; Recommended weight: 60-88 lb

Package Dimensions: 11.0 x 7.4 x 1.0 inches

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