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Brand: FOOEN


  • 1.DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Made with high-quality ABS plastic and a rust proof polymer, the lawn sprinkler automatic water is designed to be stable. Never worry about moving or tipping over while using it.
  • 2.SPRAY LARGER AREA: The sprinkler has a maximum spraying area of 3,600 sq. ft. If you want to spray a larger area, there are two ways: one is to move the lawn sprinkler, the other is to connect multiple lawn sprinklers through a series interface, and then spray them together. It really is a powerful sprinklers for garden.
  • 3.EASY TO USE: Combine the rotary triple arm nozzle and the connector with the base. Link faucet, turn on water switch, Start watering your garden and lawn.
  • 4.SAVE TIME & WATER: The sprinkler is super easy to use and takes seconds to setup. Lawn sprinkler use less water to spray larger areas.
  • 5.MULTI-PURPOSE: Lawn sprinkler can be used for irrigation,garden watering, agriculture, nursery ,garden, greenhouse watering and cooling. And this lawn sprinkler can also be used for kids , and let it spin and make it an interesting game for your children!

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