Giraffe Fuzzy Steering Cover

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【Product Brief】
This is New Fashion Fine Faux Fuzzy Steering Wheel Cover for girls, 99% simulates as the kind Giraffe's skin pattern, High-density, borned for establishing speceial unique visual and tactile interaction with your car, unique soft funny fuzzy, or might bring up mood of zoo, or wild or peaceful.., just present you a unique fresh-new vasual and tactile feeling ever, absolutely the nice stuff once experience, can not give up...
btw, if you are caring somebody,it is really a nice sweet gift option for her:)

【Key Features】
1. High-density Faux Fuzzy will bring up the special interaction tactile while you steering your car, really quite like remind you something, see 1rd~3rd pic
2. The fashion pattern highly simulated as kind Giraffe skin, will projects a unique visualization sense, refer to 2nd pic
3. Anti-slip texture design makes the cover like be glued on steering wheel definitely,never worry about "floating" again, see 4th pic

-Outline dimension: 15x15x2'' or 38x38x5cm,please measure your steering wheel as 5th pic for sure,here reading is 38cm, or 15"
-Color: Unique Fashion High-density Faux Giraffe Flosses Pattern
-Weight: 400g or 14oz

【Standard shipment】
x1* Fine Faux High-density Giraffe Fuzzy Noble Steering Wheel Cover /order
*Proposed installation way as 5th pic shows,to align the cover with steering wheel,then press and make the cover another side slipping over the steering wheel gradually,no worry about tearing
*USA stock,2~5workdays delivery

  • High-density Fine Faux Fuzzy on cover bring up a unique physical tactile for you
  • 99% similulated as Giraffe skin pattern, might bring up some kind mood of wild, or peaceful
  • Absolutely eco-material, completely odorless, absolultely anti-slip, absolutely fresh-new feeling
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