HANMUN Textured Multi Ball Set

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  • 【Simple and stylish】Six different sizes, textures, and colors to keep baby entertained.This is such a good deal for a set of balls to entertain baby for a long time.
  • 【Great for various developmental stages】The multiple sizes, textures, and colors help hold his interest, and they are some of the only toys we own that he has played with through several developmental stages. It's easy to just throw one or two in the diaper bag to help keep the baby occupied during a car ride or church, and they are also easy to wash, These are hollow so they are easy for her little hands to grab and squish.
  • 【High Quality Soft for a Baby to Hold】These balls come in different sizes which promote tactile sense development. The different colors of these balls are very vibrant and really help my baby learn how to recognize different colors. These are high quality, beautiful, soft, and light weight for a baby to hold.
  • 【Great for teethers】The textured shapes not only provide some comfort when gnawed on, but babies at that age learn best by feeling things around them and being introduced to different shapes and textures.
  • 【Great for teethers】These good toys for babies and toddlers but also for dogs, because the dog can pop them (there's a small hole that allows air in and out). We keep their other toys separate, but the balls belong to both dog and baby.Suitable for 4 months old up.