Silicone Wedding Ring, Comfortable Fit & Skin Safe, Rubber Bands

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NEWUS Silicone Ring : Safer and Tougher! Do you live an active life that regularly demands removal of your metal wedding ring or risk damaging it or hurting yourself? Would you like an alternative ring that stylishly resembles the beauty of your union; and tough enough to survive rough work while protecting your fingers from associated injuries? Nothing could satisfy your needs than the HonorRing Silicone Wedding Ring, the perfect alternative! Manufactured with high grade silicone; while providing comfort and safety to allow freedom to do any activity. Whether you work in construction sites where rough and heavy lifting is involved or involved in contact sports or rough outdoor activities; the silicone ring keep you perfectly safe from injuries. The Silicone Wedding Ring is stylishly molded to fit comfortably. It is a great GIFT for men who like to move around with a sentimental symbol of their pledge for love. Variety of colors to cater for different preferences. Incredibly durable, with a tensile strength rating exceeding 20lbs. Not convinced? Here's why you have to buy this Silicone Wedding Ring: Great gift for men who risk damaging metal rings during work. Lightweight for extra comfort during activity. Strong and comfortable enough to protect against de-gloving. It is a great gift idea. No skin reactions or allergies. Isn’t it a great idea to save your expensive metal wedding ring from damage by wearing an equally stylish HonorRing Silicone Wedding Ring that can easily survive rough activities? Click "ADD TO CART" now for the best silicone wedding bands for men

  • NEWUS silicone wedding rings are a functional, versatile, & safe alternative to the traditional metal wedding rings
  • Simple designed for the active men, athletes
  • Tensile strength: ranges from 20lbs 23lbs of force to break
  • Built for comfortable fit, skin safety, extreme durability, and to be temperature toleran
  • Newus rings fit true to size; half sizes should size up