Peterpan Hand/Feet warmer Hot Water Bottle,With Pocket

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  • About Peter Pan:We found that we could improve on the conventional hot water bottle cover,When it's cold outside or you are feeling down and just need warmth and to snuggle, with one of our gorgeously soft hot water bottle covers, made from the finest faux fur which Now has a pocket for you to put your hands and feet in..Genius..the luxuriously soft cover stays warm all night long & the classic rubber hot water bag is made by Peterpan to the highest specification in non-chemical fillers rubber
  • This hot water bottle cover has a convenient pocket to keep your hands warm.and you can also warm the cold feet into the pocket, This is genuinely useful to everyone, for keeping warm at night, easing aches, or even just for some comforting.Many like to put this extra large warm compress in their bed before retiring on a chilly evening
  • EXCEPTIONALLY HIGH 56% RUBBER CONTENT far outperforms other hot water bottles that use chalk fillers or are made of vinyl and PVC. This hot water bottle is the real deal with genuine rubber. No wonder hot water stays hot far longer. Also works as an excellent cold pack to reduce swelling and other maladies
  • NON-TOXIC (BPA & PHTHALATE FREE) MATERIALS designed for exacting American health standards.This rubber hot water bottle is Eco-Friendly and UL Tested for safety and reliability. we posted the UL Test in our photos for your examination
  • PACKAGE INCLUDED: 1 Red Rubber Water Bottle. 1 Faux Fleece Hot Water Bottle Cover.1 Year warranty.100% refund guaranteed and friendly customer service.100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE makes this the finest XXX-Large heating water bag available. You get real rubber at a very impressive 56% with no fillers, chalks, or plastics