Peterpan Handle Rubber Hot Water Bottle

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  • NEW IMPROVED DESIGN makes this Hot Water Bottle the finest on the market. Thicker .118 inch higher quality rubber is used to provide better insulation to keep liquid inside hot or cold for far longer than conventional hot water bottles that usually just have .039 inch thickness. 3 x thicker than other hot water bottles
  • ECO-FRIENDLY, NO BPA or Phthalates. We had this bottle officially UL Tested. The results were so impressive we posted the UL Test in our photos for your examination. You can use this bottle without fear of allergies.EXTRA LARGE SIZE makes this BIG Hot Water Bottle perfect for setting on aching tummy, on sore backs or any other parts of your body that need a comforting, healing sensation
  • EXCEPTIONALLY HIGH 56% RUBBER CONTENT far outperforms other hot water bottles that use chalk fillers or are made of vinyl and PVC. This hot water bottle is the real deal with genuine rubber. No wonder hot water stays hot far longer. Also works as an excellent cold pack to reduce swelling and other maladies
  • If you hate the smell of rubber, Please be careful to buy.At The PETERPAN we understand that some consumers find the smell of the product overpowering on initial use, this is because filling a bottle with heated water amplifies the smell and this can make some people feel queasy.Before using the bottle, filling a bottle with hot water.In well-ventilated areas, and allow the water in the bag to cool completely.Repeat this process for at least 5 times and the odor will be significantly reduced
  • PACKAGE INCLUDED: 1 Red Rubber Water Bottle(no cover).1 Year warranty.100% refund guaranteed and friendly customer service.100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE makes this the finest Extra-Large heating water bag available. You get real rubber at a very impressive 56% with no fillers, chalks, or plastics