Peterpan PVC Extra-Long Hot Water Bottle

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  • About Peter Pan: We found that we could improve on the conventional classic rubber hot water bottle, Peterpan has developed a line of the innovative long hot water bag, hot water bottle cover with pocket, ice bag.When it's cold outside or you are feeling down and just need warmth and to Snuggle up to the long hot water bottle and it will heat up your whole body as you benefit from a far greater area of instant warmth. it is sure to be your most essential bedtime must-have this winter
  • The Extra-long design and flexibility of this large hot water bottle make it much easier to use and much more effective at soothing aches than regular hot water bottles. Whether on your shoulders, neck, back, feet, stomach or literally anywhere else, The length of it makes it perfect for draping your body and it is also very comforting when placed across the lower back and abdomen to help soothe sore muscles, back pain, and cramps
  • The bubbles on the surface of the bottle count not only as a massaging feature but also create air pockets under the fabric which in turn allows the bottle to stay warmer for longer. The hot water bottle fur cover is made from non-allergenic fabric. The hot water bottle is made from extremely durable puncture- and pressure-rated natural Thermoplastic material ensures this hot water bottle is designed to last
  • 2.55-Liter capacity, NO Rubber smells and chemical smell, Latex-free for a non-allergenic experience, It's you can see how much water is in it without opening it or shaking it to guess.Once the bottle is filled with hot water, the bottle becomes soft and pliable and molds to your body.Suitable for outdoors, bedroom, study room, office or car use
  • Package included: 1 Red Transparent Classic Rubber Water Bottle, 1 Faux Fleece Hot Water Bottle Cover. 1 Luxury Gift Box.1 Year warranty.100% refund guaranteed and friendly customer service