RFID Reader Writer RFID Copier-Copy Compatible RFID 125khz T5577 Card Proximity II Keyfob

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Brand: keyshow


  • Supported to read and write 125KHz RFID card and prox proximity keyfob. ompatible EM4100, T5577
  • The RFID copier is 2pcs AAA battery required ,this small handheld ID card reader writer can be duplicated about 20000 times,low consumption long life.
  • The RFID reader writer is 115*70*30mm RFID ID card reader writer with mini-sized handheld ergonomic design for easy operation and carrying.
  • Free accessories with rewritable keyfob 5pcs,3M sticker 2pcs, black card 5pcs
  • NOTE: It can copy most 125khz frequencies and hid proximity II cards, but not all

Publisher: keyshow


Note: It support andcompatible with HID Proximity & universal unencrypted 125KHz RFIDcards/tags only! Not work for other frequencies.

How to use ?

1. Switch on ,red power indicator on.

2. Put the original RFID ID card or key-fob in the reading area.

3. Press read button. read indicator with beep sounds.

4. Put the writable RFID card or key-fob in the reading area.

5. Press write button. write indicator with beep sounds.

6. Copy completed.

How to distinguish the types ofcards/keyfobs?

1. Using strong light transmission card, this product can copy the cardwhose coil is round, other shapes can not be copied.(the method of strong lighttransmission only applies to cards, not cards with other shapes) as shown inthe picture.

2. This product can duplicate cards/keyfobs printed with 10digits beginning 00 on the surface, other cards/keys fobs can't copy.

3. This product can be copiedhid-PROX card, hid other types of cards can't be copied. Not compatible with any card with amount, including creditcard, hotel access card, patrol system, credit card, bus card, etc

Package Included:

1x RFID ID Reader Writer(battery not include)

5x Writable blue key-fob

2x Writable funny phone sticky key

5x Writable Blank card

1x User Manual

EAN: 5060656676412

Package Dimensions: 5.3 x 3.3 x 1.7 inches