RIBANDS HOME Mermaid Tail Blanket| Super Soft Wearable Throw Blanket for Girls & Toddlers Wrapping Cover with Coral Orange Ombre Fish Tail - All Seasons Plush Sleeping and Napping Coverlet (Ages 3-16)

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Color: Coral Orange Ombre


  • TURN INTO A MAJESTIC MERMAID:Simply let your kids slide into our mermaid tail blanket and let the princess adventures begin! Made from silky smooth flannel-polyester, our wearable blanket delivers in endless fun for play-pretend games, and provides with cozy warmth when it's snuggle or bed time!
  • WARM, COZY & SOFT: Made with the softest flannel fleece fabric, our blanket remains silky-smooth to the touch and keeps your little girl snug and cozy. The perfect choice for sleepover parties, bedtime, playtime as well as simply enjoying their time in the living room or during a car ride!
  • CAPTIVATING COLORS: Our mermaid tail blankets' measurements are 22.83" W x 51.18" H, and come in rainbow and coral colors. Being super bright, they excite your little one's imagination and provide with endless fun. With an adorable design and mesmerizing colors, we guarantee your toddler will not want to part with their favorite blanket!
  • A GIFT, BOUND TO BE LOVED:< If you have a birthday party coming up, or Christmas is approaching, our mermaid tail sleeping bag is simply guaranteed to provide endless smiles all around. Coming in a handy travel bag that makes for great presentation & added practicality, our blanket is bound to be thoroughly enjoyed!
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN:Once all the adventures are over, you can simply put the mermaid tail blanket in your washing machine and enjoy hassle-free cleaning



Mermaid Tail Blanket- The Gate to Endless Adventures & Cozy Snuggling!

Created to excite the imagination and provide girls and toddlers with fun, our wearable mermaid tail blanket was created to be your kid's next favorite companion!

Supremely Soft & Cozy

Made with the softest flannel fleece fabric, our mermaid tail sleeping bag remains silky-soft to the touch, does not let heat escape and keeps your little one snug, warm & cozy during cold nights.

With quality seams and a durable construction, not only will it provide the coziest sleeping time, it will also accompany your children to epic princess adventures and pretend-play games.

Dazzling Colors & Details

Our mermaid tail blanket is available in two vibrant variations: Coral and rainbow.

Attached on the end of the mermaid tail, you will find the fin that adds to the realism of the tail while the scale design looks mesmerizing.

With dazzling colors like this, our throw blanket excites the imagination and lets your girl become a true princess!

Whether they're lounging at home, cruising in the car, having sleepover parties or going camping, one thing is certain- your kid and our blanket will become inseparable!

What is more, once all the adventures are over, you can simply put the mermaid tail blanket in your washing machine and enjoy hassle-free cleaning.

The Perfect Gift

These mermaid tail blankets measure 21.3" W x 51.2" H in size, and come in a handy travel bag that makes for easy storage and carrying.

Plus, it looks absolutely stunning as a gift, and it's guaranteed to be loved and thoroughly enjoyed when given as a Birthday, Namesday or Christmas gift!

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