Solar LED Lights Outdoor Camping Lights

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Product Features:
1. With hook and magnet, the solar light can be hung on backpacks and tents as a good companion for traveling and camping.
2. No fear of outdoor rainy days with super-strength waterproof function.
3. Silicone solar panel and lithium polymer battery are designed to effectively use clean solar energy.
4. Battery level reminder can let you know the battery level of this solar light so that you can control or adjust the usage time and mode.

How to charge your solar light?
Idealife solar light entirely powered by renewable, clean solar energy thus no matter where you are, as long as there is enough sunlight, just place it in direct sunlight to charge.
Depending on the light intensity of the sunlight, it takes 8 to 12 hours to fully charge. With full charge, the normal bright can be used for up to 8 hours.
A battery level reminder near the solar panel lets you know the battery level so you can know when you need to recharge or adjust the usage mode.

How long will it last?
Light brightness mode: 110 hours.
Normal brightness mode: 8 hours.
Super brightness mode: 4 hours.
SOS flashing mode: 6 hours.

1. Please place the solar panel in direct sunlight for at least 8 hours to charge before your first use.
2. If you use it on overcast or cloudy where is no enough sunlight, the charging time will be longer.
3. Don't use sharp things to scratch the surface of the solar light in case the PVC waterproof menbrane is torn and loses its waterproof effect.

1 year warranty.
Dear customer, your satisfaction is our first priority, and if you encountered any problems in your purchase.
Please contact us before you leave a neutral or negative feedback about our product.
We will reply within 24 hours, and actively solve the problem for you to make you satisfied.

  • ⭐NEWLY UPGRADED SOLAR LIGHT: This is a upgraded solar light with new design, which is compact, simple and durable. 4 bright modes: Light bright, normal bright, super bright , and SOS flashing mode. 10 LEDs with a brightness of 90 lumens. It takes only 8 to 12 hours to fully charge in direct sunlight.
  • ⭐STRONG MAGNETIC AND WATERPROOF: Its PVC protective membrane is completely sealed and highly waterproof that the solar light can be placed in the water without seeping water. Its built-in magnet can make the solar light be easily adsorbed on the surface of iron products in your house.
  • ⭐ENERGY SAVING&ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: The solar light is designed with silicone solar panel and entirely powered by clean solar energy which is environmentally friendly and can be used for 4-8 hours under full charge. The power of this light is only 0.6W which is low energy consumption, so it is very energy-saving.
  • ⭐BATTERY LEVEL REMINDER: There is a battery level reminder to let you know the battery level of this solar light so that you can adjust the usage time and mode. With 1000mah capacity that you don't have to buy extra batteies even if the solar lamp is out of battery.
  • ⭐MULTI-PURPOSE: With a hook and light weight, the solar lamp can be easily hung on backpacks, tents which is very suitable for outdoor activities such as traveling, camping, barbecue. With super waterproof function, the solar lamp can be used for night lighting in courtyard or submersible light in swimming pool.