Soprano Recorder – 8 Hole Descant Recorder Instrument

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Size: 12-3/4" long

Weight: 3.7 ounce

Material: 100% new ABS

With this descant soprano recorder, your kids will fall in love with music at a young age, a thing that will improve their creativity

The quality of our products are at a high level so they last longer

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  • ✅PREMIUM QUALITY SET: Classic recorder. Durable and lightweight
  • ✅EASY TO CLEAN: With the 3-piece construction, it is much easier to clean the inside soprano recorder with cleaning rod. Put the small cloth in the hole of the wand and push it carefully up through the recorder. Break the recorder to be 3 parts will make the cleaning easier. You can also take it with you anywhere anytime
  • ✅COMPACT and TRAVEL FRIENDLY: Great to take on camping trips, road trips and even in your backpack to use during music classes or practice during recess
  • ✅LEARN LEARN: Great beginner instrument. Baroque style fingering (as indicated by “B” stamped), Key of C, Great for beginners. Bright sound, Easy to play, with the finger chart. Helps with development skills and teaches hand/eye coordination
  • ✅RECOMMENDED FOR: School ensembles, children and teens, music classes and holiday gifts