Universal Bendable Magnet Socket Extension

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It is the bendable extension socket drill rod, from now on, don't worry about the screw's location again,
since It is equipped with magnet,tool bit never drop again, but can take off pretty easy,still can work even be twisted, bended, especially for all tool with ratchet mechanism, more detail please refer to the all demo pictures

【Parameter info】

Length 295mm/11.6", Carbon Alloy Tool Steel, ABS Tube, Drive bit size: 1/4''
*Please be aware the bit be equipped with magnet

【Standard Shipment】

x1pcs*Universal Bendable Manget Extension Socket Rod 1/4”

*Simple reminder:
1. Please wear a glove before screwing job just in case hurt, suitable for all ratchet mechanism spanner
2. please use hand to cover the mid of extension as above demonstration show, and hard push to make sure bit touching with the screw consistenly, otherwise might damage the screw.
3. If use pro driller to tightening or losing, please make the torque set at mid or low position, otherwise might damage the screw.
4.Only Fit for screwing, tightening, loosing the screw on cabnet, wood furniture

*Special Supplement:
1. please be aware the item located at US warehouse, USA Deal just need 1~5 business days
2. UK deal need 3~10 business days since adopt the expedite delivery service
3. Other Regions may need 5~19 business day up to the delivery carrier be selected, welcome any inquiry.

  • Bendable and Flexible enough to reach any Cabnet any furniture corner as you want
  • Still can work even under twisted status
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